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11/07: We've added even more styles to our New Collection! Check out all of the new rings, earrings, and necklaces inspired by stars and constellations!

11/01: Our newest One-of-a-Kind Collection of Rainbow Moonstone Rings, the stones all hand selected by Satomi herself, are now available on our website! We've only made six, so check them out now before they're gone!

10/10: Stunning New One-of-a-Kind Tourmaline Rings are available now! Only nine were made, so be sure to select yours before they're all gone!

9/26: Explore our New Collection! New pieces for wedding, engagement, or just to add to your stack, are now available to order!

9/14: New Color Options! Our Circle Eternity Band Series is now available with Sapphires, and our Classic Eternity Band Series, Hexagon Necklaces and Studs are now available with Rubies or Sapphires! Also, our Hexagon Necklaces and Studs are now available to order in 18K Rose Gold!

7/11: Check it out! Our newest addition to our Absolute Band Series, now available in Alexandrite! Watch the color of the stones change in different light!

7/05: New Color Options! Now Ruby is available for our beloved Circle Band Series!

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