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Order Fair at Tomorrowland Marunouchi, Japan

Posted on April 24, 2023 by Sales Staff

We are please to announce to have our order fair in Japan from May 11th(Thu.) through 21st(Sun.) at Tomorrowland Marunouchi, Japan. You can view and try our 2022AW collection. Don't miss the chance to order your favorite items from our collection. ⁠



5月11日(木) - 21日(日)⁠
営業時間:11:00 - 20:00⁠

〒100-0005 ⁠
丸の内二丁目ビルディング 1F
Tel: 03-5220-2391



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Happy Earth Day from Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Posted on April 24, 2023 by Sales Staff

"One thing I value so much about this industry is that there is virtually zero waste. Metal can be melted down and reused, stones can be set in a different design and given new life. Along with that comes this fascinating idea of permanence and mystery - these earthen materials took thousands of years to form and have existed throughout so many lifetimes, and now I hold them in my hands.

I love that everyday, we get to create such special pieces to be passed down and continue on their journey, while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable."

-Satomi Kawakita

 A piece of jewelry is more than just a combination of precious gems and fine finishes, it is a symbol of time - both future and past, a celebration of meaningful moments, and an intimate companion carried throughout the journey of life. It is in that future to come that we understand our responsibility to facilitate an energy efficient, ethically sourced, and sustainable industry to protect our planet. 

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry has long been committed to ethical practices through the sourcing of materials and methods of crafting we use. As part of this commitment, we are proud to use reclaimed brilliant cut brown and white diamonds up to 0.24 carats (4mm). Wherever possible, all other diamonds and stones that we use in our designs are ethically sourced and 100% conflict-free, in compliance with the laws in their country of origin and the Kimberley Process.

To minimize the environmental impact of mining, our caster uses recycled metals wherever possible. The material is refined in a responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring it is both ethically conscious and structurally sound. This way, we can confidently provide you with the best possible product while upholding our ethics. 

As a small business, all of our operations and business practices will be grounded in sustainability principles that make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. We provide safe, healthy, and respectful environments for each member of our team that translate directly into the lovingly crafted works we make.

From the earth, to our hands, and then to yours, we look forward to being a part of a brighter and greener future to come. 

Happy Earth Day from the SKJ Team!

Order Fair at Tomorrowland Shibuya, Japan

Posted on April 06, 2023 by Sales Staff

We are please to announce to have our order fair in Japan from April 20th(Thu.) through 30th(Sun.) at Tomorrowland Shibuya. You can view and try our 2022AW collection. Don't miss the chance to order your favorite items from our collection. ⁠

Tomorrowland 渋谷店にて受注会を開催いたします。⁠



4月20日(木) - 30日(日)⁠

営業時間:11:30 - 20:00

〒150-0001 ⁠
東京都渋谷区渋谷1丁目23−16 1F
Tel: 03-5774-1711



日本時間:4月21日(金) 20:30〜⁠




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Book an Appointment to Visit our Showroom! It's now easier than ever to schedule your visit!

Posted on March 27, 2023 by Sales Staff

Spring is in the air and wedding season is fast approaching!

If you are local to the area or visiting New York City, we encourage you to make an appointment to visit our Tribeca Showroom. Each appointment is a private showing with one of our expert consultants so that you can explore and find the perfect piece at your own pace.

During this 45 minute appointment, our specialists will guide you through our collection as well as provide helpful information on sizing, details about how we make our pieces, and more. Notes will be taken for you so that you can focus on the real fun of visiting - trying on our beautiful jewelry!

Even more exciting, our showroom and studio are separated by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. During your appointment, our skilled jewelers will be working away and you can see a little part of how we handmake each and every piece.

Are you unable to make it to NYC but still want to see our pieces? We offer Video Consultations as a remote alternative for those unable to make it in person.

Visit our website and use our Online Scheduler to view our current availability and book your appointment today!

We can't wait to see you!

Get to know Satomi! A Q&A with our Founder and Designer

Posted on March 10, 2023 by Sales Staff

This month, we sat down with Satomi to learn a little more about her story and how Satomi Kawakita Jewelry came to be. We hope you enjoy this fun Q&A!

Q: You have an artful background - crafting many different things like origami architecture, glass objects and beaded jewelry. What was it about fine jewelry that captured your interest and made you want to launch your own line?

A: I began my career as a glass blower’s assistant and quickly learned how difficult the glass blowing practice is. It takes an incredible amount of skill to work with glass and I truly enjoyed the years I spent at the glass studio, but fine jewelry captured my attention as a contrast to the quick thinking and physical intensity of glass blowing. The crafting process is very different with fine jewelry but you are still directly working with materials and actively designing as you craft, just at a slower pace. I really value the fact that these materials can be melted down, or reused and recycled - there is virtually no waste.

Fine jewelry is also associated with mystery; stones that took thousands of years to form, and now I hold them in my hands, eventually to be worn by someone and passed down. I really like this romantic idea of permanence and mystery, and how jewelry is very personal for people because it is often given as gifts or purchased during big moments in one’s life. It boosts your mood and makes you feel beautiful and confident!

Q: What's one of your favorite things about living in New York?

A: New York is diverse and dynamic! There’s so many talented and professional people from all over the world in such close proximity and it’s inspiring. In a more practical sense, I also love that the subway runs 24 hours and you can access delicious cuisines from all over.

Q: You initially came to the USA to learn English and then eventually decided to move here - thousands of miles away from home and your family. What made you decide to take such a big leap?

A: It was just a natural move. I found what I like in NY and was able to get an opportunity to work in the industry. I wanted to prove that my decision (going to an art school while my parents wanted me to go to regular university and get a stable job and life) was right for me to my parents. I think I always choose the harder one when two paths open before me.

Q: What's on your work bench right now?

A: One of A Kind Rings with Mogul-Emerald cut diamonds I bought from Tucson this year!

Q: What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet?

A: Sky diving!

Q: Could you share a word of advice to others looking to pursue their dream of starting a business?

A: There’s so much I could say about this but here are a few points:

- Understand your strengths, weaknesses, and uniqueness

- Try to do things that no one else can, but you

- Keep talking out loud about your goals and dreams to the people around you

- Broaden your knowledge by surrounding yourself with diverse people and don’t be afraid to talk to people in fields that you are not necessarily interested in

- Have someone who can tell you both the good and the bad

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the designer behind the brand! Do you have questions for Satomi? Share them with us and you may see her answer in a future newsletter!

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

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