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Materials We Use



Since the formation of SKJ, ethical sourcing and conflict free materials have been primary philosophies in our practice. As an ecologically and ethically conscious brand, we strive to evolve with the industry as it improves.

We are thrilled to officially announce that all of our brilliant cut brown and white diamonds up to 0.24 carats (4mm) are recycled stones. 

Also called reclaimed diamonds, recycled diamonds are the most environmentally-friendly and socially conscious way to procure a diamond, as they are repurposed from existing items instead of being newly mined, so there is zero impact on the environment and/or its surrounding communities and is exempt from the human rights violations that occur as a result of the mining industry.

All other diamonds and stones that we use in our designs are ethically sourced and 100% conflict-free, in compliance with the laws in their country of origin and the Kimberley Process. As an ecologically and ethically conscious brand, we pride ourselves on working exclusively with the most reliable stone traders that only receive stones from the most reputable sources.

Our suppliers are members of the world’s leading associations promoting the ethical and responsible sourcing of gemstones, including the American Gem Trade Association, the Jewelers Board of Trade, and the Indian Diamond and Colorstone Association.

As Satomi Kawakita Jewelry strives to provide a product that is both environmentally and ethically conscious, we only work with companies that also uphold these ideals. Our caster works with independently certified suppliers that ensure that their sourcing complies with the Dodd-Frank Act, and other legislation regarding the ethical mining of materials.  


To minimize the environmental impact of mining, our caster uses recycled material whenever possible. The material is refined in a responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring material that is both ethically conscious and structurally sound. This way, we can confidently provide you with the best possible product while upholding our ethics. 

As such, you can rest assured that the metal in your jewelry is sourced and manufactured only from “DRC-Conflict Free” mines or other mining sources within the U.S., and that we will continue to source all of our materials from suppliers who comply with the most current legislation and ethically and environmentally conscious principles.