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Can I order Phone or by e-mail?

All orders must be placed through our website.

How long will it take until I receive the product?

In-stock items will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Waiting time estimates for out-of-stock items (and sizes) are listed on each product page. Please note that shipping times may vary, and depend on your location and the shipment method selected at checkout.

What is “lead time”?

Lead time is the time we need for production only, and it does not include time for shipping. Please make sure to select an appropriate shipping option at checkout.

I just remembered our anniversary next week! Can I rush the order?

That depends on your order. Please contact us if you have a set date and we will see what we can do – but it is always better to plan ahead.

Can I pick up my order at your location?

We will happily welcome you to our showroom for pick up. Please contact us to set up an appointment. Hours are limited and must be coordinated in advance.

Are there any special offers?

We occasionally hold sales and promotions. They will be announced by our newsletter and also posted here. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss any opportunities.

Do you offer a financing option?

Yes! You can find more information here.

Gold and Diamonds
I am interested in your engagement rings. Can you tell me where the diamonds are sourced?

We use various sizes and colors of diamonds and they each have different origins. Please contact us with your question and the exact item number for more detailed information. We only use conflict-free diamonds for all of our pieces, however, please note that we are unable to verify their country of origin.

Your White Gold option does not really look “White”. Why is that?

While most jewelers put rhodium plating over White Gold to make it look whiter, we like to keep the original color of the natural Gold. Therefore, it appears rather creamy yellowish or grayish than purely white. This gives it a natural and unique look, and this is what we – and many of our customers – love about it. With that being said, you would also not have to re-plate it as you would with most White Gold jewelry from other stores.

I see some products have the options of 18K gold or 14K gold. What’s the difference?

The difference is the percentage of gold. 14K has a lower concentration of gold than 18K, therefore it is less expensive. Due to the addition of other metal alloys, 14K is considered stronger, whereas as pure gold is rather soft.

Ring Sizing

General Tips:

Sizing is a very unique measurement when it comes to an individual and can be based on a wide range of factors, including personal preference for the type of fit. Often, if you have not worn a ring before, preference for the feel of a fit is discovered over time as a ring is consistently worn throughout the day/week/year.

Our team works diligently to give you as much information about sizing and we have gathered a wonderful resource of tips developed over many years of sizing all sorts of hands.

It is important to note that hands, generally, fluctuate and are not consistently one size all the time. Common factors that affect a fit are:

* It is important to note that ring sizing is not universal nor is it consistent across the industry. Sizes can vary from maker to maker and being sized at a separate location may result in a ring size that is more of an approximate size.*

  1. 1.Temperature/Time of Year

    warm weather = bigger hands

    cold weather = smaller hands

  2. 2.Food/Water/Liquid-what you eat and drink can often change your hands (ie: salty food generally makes us swell a little).

  3. 3.Altitude-our hands generally swell a little when flying/on a hike up a mountain.

  4. 4.Physical Activity- working out or moving around can cause our hands to swell up a little as our bodies warm up.

  5. 5.Natural Body Changes- sometimes people fluctuate throughout the day from morning to night and the fit of a ring can noticeably shift for some individuals.

  6. 6.Pregnancy- Hands can often change very quickly during pregnancy and even within the first trimester hands can change sizes. If you are pregnant and looking for a non-resizable style, we usually recommend waiting until your little one arrives so that your ring won't be the wrong size later on.

  7. 7.Right/Left Hand-Alas, we are asymmetrical! Our hands are usually a quarter to a half size different from one another (often with our dominant hand being slightly larger.) So be very careful to size for the correct finger and hand.

  8. 8.Finger Shape:- working out or moving around can cause our hands to swell up a little as our bodies warm up

  9. Vase -bigger knuckle where the finger tapers downward to a slimmer base (much like a vase would)

    You will have the most variation of sizes you can wear on this finger, though the wider/more you stack the bigger you generally may wish to go for comfort.

  10. Cone -wider base of finger and slimmer knuckle

    Generally this is our pinky and pointer finger - rings love to slip right off these shapes so we usually recommend a more snug fit for security.

  11. Straight -from base of finger to knuckle the finger is about the same, with the knuckle being just a little bigger.

    Often, you can stack with the same size ring up most of the finger on this shape. You will notice that your rings like to move up and down on this shape of finger the most.

I can’t visit the showroom, how do I know my size?

This is a very common question as we have many clients outside of New York City who are unable to be sized in person. As sizing ranges across the industry and is not universally standardized, we usually recommend one of two options as the best alternatives to being sized by our team:

1. Visiting a local jeweler - to note, we strongly recommend being sized with a ring sizer of similar dimensions (width & thickness) to ensure that you are not incorrectly measured.

2. Purchasing metal sizers online and sizing yourself at home. This option will allow for you to wear the ring over a few days & in different environments to make sure you like the fit best. Once you find your favorite, mail us the ring sizer and we will confirm its size with our mandrel. We advise against rubber or plastic sizers as these can warp/shift and make the reading less accurate for our team.

I’m hoping to propose but don’t know how to get my partner’s size, what should I do?

The age old question! Though there are many tricks and hacks we’ve seen come through our door for secretly finding your partner’s finger size, sometimes the best option is to find the perfect size after popping the question. This is a special piece for a lifetime and it is important for the wearer to feel comfortable in the size they like best. We may recommend sticking to a resizable style, or ordering an in stock/exchangeable piece that is then professionally sized afterwards.

I have a ring from my partner’s jewelry box that I think is the right one, can this be measured to confirm the right size?

So long as you are 100% confident that this is the right finger and hand, then we certainly can. If you are not positive, then we usually advise against this or we recommend selecting a resizable ring that can be adjusted later on. It is important to note that hands are not the same size and one is usually larger than the other. In addition, should the ring be very wide and the style you want more slim, the ring may be made too large/small for your partner.

I was sized at one jeweler as one size, but another gave me a different number, how to I know what is right?

Sizing is a very tricky science and is very subjective to the wearer. In addition, sizing is not universal and can vary slightly from maker to maker. This is due to the ring mandrel (sizing tool) used by studios. For the most accurate measurement, it is usually best to visit us in person as we know our styles and fits best.

I’ve never worn a ring before, what if I don’t like the feel of it?

We always recommend wearing a ring for a few seasons to make sure that you do not resize too big/small too quickly. As our hands can change slightly throughout the year, you may notice this difference and it will help you decide how much of an alteration you really need.

I live in a country outside of the United States and do not know US ring sizes.

Please check out a ring size conversion site like this one.

I have my mother’s ring and want it remodeled. Do you take care of that?

Sorry, we are not doing any remodeling or resetting at the moment.

I love your ring R0000 but would like it a little thicker. Can you do that?

We have already given you countless choices! Feel free to be creative when choosing the right style, color, and stone, but please do not ask us to change the design. Everything we carry and create was thoughtfully designed by Satomi Kawakita, herself, down to the last tiny detail, and what you are looking at is the absolute final design.

Do you do custom work?

No, we are not currently accepting any custom work requests.

I love your ring but would like to use my own diamond. Can I buy your setting alone?

Our apologies, but you cannot. We sell complete pieces only.

I want my newborn's name inside of a ring. Can you do that?

Yes, we offer engraving services for our items as long as it is technically possible (some pieces are just too small). Please see the engraving service page for more details.

Product Information
Are all your jewelry pieces made in New York?

Yes. All pieces are carefully handcrafted by Satomi and her team in her studio in the heart of New York’s TriBeCa neighborhood. There will be slight variations in some items because of their handmade nature and we appreciate those who value our craftsmanship, devotion, and commitment to every single piece created in our studio.

There is a ring that I want to try on, but I cannot find it at any of your retailers. What should I do?

Our NYC showroom is open for those who would like to see our collection – we have our entire collection here including pieces that may be unavailable at your local retailer. Please make an appointment through this page.

I saw one of your pieces on Pinterest but cannot find it on your website. Where can I buy it?

Unfortunately, that means it is not for sale anymore. These pieces have either sold out or are now discontinued. Our apologies for any inconvenience, but there are many other beautiful pieces available, and moreover, new pieces are constantly being designed!

I have a question about one of your rings. May I call you?

Given that our sales office and production studio share the same space, making phone calls can be challenging during studio hours due to the delightful clamor of crafting our exquisite pieces. To ensure swift responses, we kindly recommend reaching out via our contact form. Furthermore, we have a strong preference for email communication, as it helps us minimize the potential for misinterpretations or misunderstandings. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

All of our products are perfectly presented in a beautiful paper jewelry box whether it is a gift or not. If you are looking for something nicer for your special occasion, there is an option to upgrade the ring box. If you would like us to remove all prices from any included receipts, please select the gift wrapping option at checkout – please note, however, this option is only valid for domestic customers due to international Customs requirements.

Can I purchase insurance with an engagement ring?

We can issue an appraisal that you may submit to your insurance company. Please contact us for details.

I am eager to get one of your completely unique rings. When will they become available again?

We release new One-of-a-Kind pieces occasionally. Please check our new items page. The best way to find out about any of our new designs is to register your e-mail address for our newsletter, so you do not miss these unique items when they become available.

I purchased a pair of studs but they are smaller than I thought they would be. Can I return them?

Sure – but you can only return them if they were an in-stock item to begin with, as per our Return Policy. Please read the product descriptions for in-stock status before you purchase an item. These descriptions contain as detailed of an explanation as possible.

I am wearing your ring but it feels a little too tight. Can you make it bigger?

A ring sizing service is available with a fee and shipping costs, but some of our rings are not resizable because of their unique design and materials. Please check our product descriptions to find out for which items resizing is applicable for. Prices vary depending on which style and how big or small the correction is. For further information, please contact us. Please note: we are not responsible for any deformation or discoloration of your jewelry if you happen to take it to a local jeweler for resizing, without consulting us in advance.

My kid accidentally broke my earring and I realized one of the diamonds fell out. What should I do?

Please visit the After Purchase page for our Repair Service section.

I purchased your ring from one of your stockists and want to exchange it for another one. Can I bring this to your showroom?

Our return/exchange policy only applies to items that were purchased directly through us. Please contact the store you purchased your item from and work with them accordingly.

I just purchased one of your pieces and would like to keep it looking as beautiful as it looks right now. Do you have any advice?

Please refer to our Product Care section on our After Purchase page.

My husband bought me a ring from your studio, but it is too small and I would like something else instead. Can I exchange it?

If the ring your husband bought was an in-stock item, it can be returned – so long as we are contacted within 5 days of the item’s receipt – so please contact us to receive a Return Authorization number and further instructions. However, if it was an out-of-stock item, that means it was a special order made especially for you and is non-returnable/non-exchangeable, per our Return Policy. We will check if the ring can be resized, so please contact us with your purchase record in this instance.