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One-of-a-Kind Dangling Earrings

Lose yourself in a world of deep textures and a kaleidoscope of color with our newest One Of A Kind Collection. Released just in time for the holidays, each pair showcases a collection of semi precious stones.

Product Details:

DE1 Quartz Dangling Earrings
30mm (long) x 7.71mm (wide)
14K yellow gold

DE2 Rutilated Quartz Dangling Earrings - SOLD!
26mm (long) x 7mm (wide)
14K yellow gold

DE3 Moonstone Dangling Earrings
32mm (long) x 10.3mm (wide)
14K yellow gold

DE4 Quartz Dangling Earrings
26mm (long) x 9.29mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE5 Amazonite Dangling Earrings- SOLD!
25mm (long) x 9.06mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE6 Montana Agate Dangling Earrings
45mm (long) x 8.23mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE7 Chrysocolla Dangling Earrings
25mm (long) x 10.41mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE8 Amethyst Dangling Earrings- SOLD!
23mm (long) x 9.06mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE9 Lilac Quartz Dangling Earrings - SOLD!
36mm (long) x 9.06mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE10 Rutilated Quartz Dangling Earrings
39mm (long) x 8.75mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE11 Rose Quartz Dangling Earrings
29mm (long) x 10.46mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE12 Lemon Citrine Dangling Earrings
30mm (long) x 8.04mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE13 Prasiolite Dangling Earrings - SOLD!
20mm (long) x 8.54mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE14 Bicolor Lemon Citrine Dangling Earrings - SOLD!
30mm (long) x 7.95mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE15 Variscite Dangling Earrings
32mm (long) x 11.43mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE16 White Agate Dangling Earrings
27mm (long) x 5.7mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE17 Guayaba Quartz Dangling Earrings
35mm (long) x 6.7mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE18 Prasiolite Dangling Earrings
40mm (long) x 7.64mm (wide)
14K yellow gold 

DE19 Citrine Dangling Earrings
26mm (long) x 6.18mm (wide)
14K yellow gold